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Sept. 29, 2010 - Below are a selection of films premiering on cable TV's Movies On Demand (MOD) platform in October, 2010. All the films listed below and many others are at viewers' fingertips through the cable remote, with no planning necessary, no DVDs to return and no late-fee worries. All are offered in both standard and high-definition. Below are some highlights from the schedule of new titles this month, their premiere dates on MOD, ratings and genres*. "D&D" indicates that the title is available "Day and Date" on cable the same day as the home video DVD release. "##" Indicates availability weeks earlier than Redbox or Netflix.

1. "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer" - Premieres October 1 (Pre-theatrical) R

2. "Splice" -- Premieres October 5 (D&D##), R, Horror, Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley

3. "A Nightmare On Elm Street" -- Premieres October 5 (D&D##), R, Horror , Jackie Earle Haley

4. "Iron Man 2" --Premieres October 5, PG-13, Action/Adventure, Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow

5. "Jonah Hex" -- Premieres October 12 (D&D##), PG-13, Action/Adventure,

6. "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" - Premieres October 13 (Same Day as Theatrical) TV-MA

7. "Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time" -- Premieres October 14, PG-13, Adventure, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley

8. "Predators"-- Premieres October 19 (D&D##), R, Action, Adrien Brody, Topher Grace

9. "Winter's Bone" -- Premieres October 26 (D&D), R, Drama, Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes

10. "Sex And The City 2" -- Premieres October 26 (D&D##), R, Romantic Comedy, Sarah Jessica Parker

11. "The Girl Who Played With Fire" -- Premieres October 26 (D&D), R, Thriller, Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace

12. "How To Train Your Dragon" -- Premieres October 29, PG, Kids/Family, Gerald Butler, Kristen Wiig

With Movies On Demand through digital cable, viewers can watch movies instantly, pause, fast-forward and rewind. *Title dates and availability may vary by system.

These movies are distributed to U.S. cable systems by iN DEMAND. For full listings, go to, on-screen guides or cable system websites. Listings for Cable's Movies On Demand can also be found at (


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