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This Summer, the Fastest, Easiest Way to See "Clash of the Titans," "Cop Out"
and "Our Family Wedding" is on Cable with Movies On Demand

New York, June 30 - Cable's Movies On Demand (MOD) secures its place as the most convenient and quickest way to see the hottest new releases on the home screen this summer. For movies premiering in July, 2010, many of the new premiere titles will be available weeks before Netflix and Redbox. "Clash of the Titans," "Cop Out," "Our Family Wedding" and other titles can be accessed on television with just a push of a button starting in July before these kiosk and DVD mail services.

In addition, many of the new July premieres via MOD are available instantly on the home screen the same day they come out on DVD (Day & Date). See title list below.

Men in particular are in for a treat this month, with July, 2010's schedule chock full of action, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and horror films.

All the films listed below and many others are at viewers' fingertips through the cable remote, with no planning necessary, no DVDs to return and no late-fee worries. All are offered in both standard and high-definition. Below are some highlights from the schedule of new titles, their premiere dates on MOD, ratings and genres. "D&D" indicates that the title is available "Day and Date" on cable the same day as the home video DVD release. "##" Indicates availability weeks earlier than Redbox or Netflix.

1. "Greenberg" -- Premieres July 1 (pre-DVD##), R, comedy

2. "A Single Man" -- Premieres July 6 (D&D), R, drama

3. "The Bounty Hunter"-- Premieres July 13 (D&D), PG-13, comedy

4. "The Crazies" -- Premieres July 13, R, horror

5. "Our Family Wedding" -- Premieres July 13 (D&D##), PG-13, comedy

6. "Cop Out" --Premieres July 20 (D&D##), R, comedy

7. "Brooklyn's Finest" -- Premieres July 20, R, action

8. "The Losers" -- Premieres July 20 (D&D##), PG-13, action

9. "The Runaways" -- Premieres July 20 (D&D), R, drama

10. "Clash of the Titans" -- Premieres July 27 (D&D##), PG-13, action

11. "Repo Men" -- Premieres July 27 (D&D##), NR, action

With Movies On Demand through digital cable, viewers can watch movies instantly, pause, fast-forward and rewind.

These movies are distributed to U.S. cable systems by iN DEMAND. For full listings, go to, on-screen guides or cable system websites. Listings for Cable's Movies On Demand can also be found at (

iN DEMAND L.L.C. is the pioneer and world leader in providing exciting transactional entertainment delivered through television's most innovative technologies. iN DEMAND creates and delivers programming through Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video-On-Demand (VOD) as well as on digital platforms. PPV programming includes movies, boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling events and the out-of-market subscription professional sports packages for MLB, the NBA, the NHL and MLS. The company also offers a range of VOD products including first-run movies and serves as the exclusive TV home of Howard Stern, via its Howard TV On Demand offering. Content is delivered in both Standard and High Definition. iN DEMAND's owners are Comcast iN DEMAND Holdings, Inc., Cox Communications Holdings, Inc., and Time Warner Entertainment - Advance/Newhouse Partnership. Further information about the company can be found at

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