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Hosted By Richard Christy and Sal Governale

New York, October 3 -Ronnie Mund is an important man. He's been radio icon Howard Stern's driver since November 1985 and longtime security guard for the show, despite the fact he's on the diminutive side (ok, he's short), leans towards using salty language (ok, he curses a lot) and often makes inappropriate statements (ok, he yells at everybody). Ronnie's day-to-day life surrounded by the crazy hijinks of the Stern on-and off air staff is uproariously documented for Howard TV On Demand fans on the new original series The Ronnie Mund Show. Hosted by Stern regulars Richard Christy and Sal Governale, this behind-the-scenes look at "the man, the Mund, the legend," premieres only on Howard TV On Demand, beginning October 3 with new episodes added every Wednesday. (Four Episodes).

Much of The Ronnie Mund Show is shot in the backstage hallways of "The Howard Stern Show" with Ronnie bringing in celebrity guests as well as the infamous cupcakes. Mund defends himself against show staffers who tease him relentlessly. With segments like "As the Mund Turns," "Great Moments in Stern's Security" and "On the Line with Ronnie Mund," viewers get to hear Ronnie's opinions on the foibles and faults of his co-workers as well as his insatiable desire for going to strip clubs. "I drive the tank that brings the general to the fort," said Mund, signifying his importance to the Stern organization. Other commonly repeated Mundisms include "What's YOUR problem?" and "Oh whatever, I don't even care!"

Doug Z. Goodstein is the Executive Producer for Howard TV On Demand's The Ronnie Mund Show. Mike Gange is Supervising Producer. Gregg Karmel is Series Producer/Writer with Anthony Gargano serving as Series Editor.

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