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A Themed Category of Movies Plus Free Behind-the-Scenes Pieces

and Coverage Straight from the Show Floor

New York, July 10, 2012 - Movies on Demand on Cable (MOD) is the place to be for fan boys (and girls) wherever they are this July.  Even if they can't attend the 2012 Comic-Con conference in San Diego, they'll get an immersion on digital cable as well as through online features and games at Fans can geek out over movies that include classic sci-fi, horror, comic book hero and fantasy films such as the new MOD premiere "Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance" and the ultimate tribute to the "Con," "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope."

Plus, MOD is sending its cameras to the Comic-Con show floor, event red carpets and hot parties to capture celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes video for cable fans.  It will be almost like being there.


Free On Demand (FOD) Content:

Starting immediately, and until August 6, viewers can check out a number of FOD behind-the-scenes features about the making of many of the films in the special collection below, including interviews with directors, writers, costume and special effects experts. First up will be a personal interview with Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker behind "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope."  Plus, we'll be adding all the exciting star interviews and footage from the convention itself over the next few weeks, so keep checking back even after the convention is over. Go to your On Demand menu and look for Free Content (details below*).

Movies On Demand:

Available on most cable systems around the country* will be a special Comic-Con-themed movie collection including:

"Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance"

"Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope"

"Iron Man II"

"Superman Returns"

"Total Recall'

"The Incredible Hulk"

"Men In Black"



"Star Trek" (2009)




"V for Vendetta"

Plus, many other sci-fi, horror, comic book and action favorite movies are in the month's catalogue, such as "The Dark Knight," "Batman Begins," "Fantastic 4,"  the X-Men series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series (not all titles are available on all systems).

Even after the costumes are stored away, MOD keeps the genre alive with new movies year-round.  Several notable movies in the category are premiering soon, including "The Hunger Games" (Aug. 18), "Lockout" (July 17), "Lovely Molly" (Jul. 16), "Detention" (Jul. 31), "[REC] 3: Genesis" (Aug. 3), "The Raid: Redemption" (Aug. 14), "Juan of the Dead" (Aug. 14) and "V/H/S" (Aug. 31).

ONLINE:, is the online home for MOD's Comic-Con activity. Viewers can view all the special behind-the-scenes features as mentioned above.  Plus, there's a Comic-Con-themed game powered by Hollywood Player that tests your knowledge of genre films - the first 1000 fans to complete the trivia sprint will win "Cable Cash." Our Twitter followers (@moviesondemand) will also be treated to special giveaways. And will feature daily updates from the San Diego convention center.

It's all a celebration of the On Demand platform as the best way to watch the hottest genre hits from home via remote control.


Comic-Con attendees should keep an eye out for our lovely, costumed Movies On Demand brand ambassadors who will be giving away cool movie-related prizes.  Fans will also have a chance to win Cable Cash gift cards good towards an MOD rental just for tweeting a special Movies On Demand message. 

*Location of content: Viewers can find the special Comic-Con collection as follows:

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Cox Communications, RCN and Mid-Continent each have a comic book-themed category in their On Demand menus, featuring both the Free On Demand content mentioned above as well as the new and classic movies. The Comcast category is called "Based on Comic Books."  On the other MSOs, the category is called "Comic-Con." Other cable systems around the country will also be carrying a range of themed titles, which can be found by searching the On Demand menus.  Most titles are available in HD. Title availability varies by system.

The films above and original content is delivered to cable by iN DEMAND. Original content is produced by iN DEMAND.


iN DEMAND the nation's leading distributor of transactional content, especially movies, on behalf of the cable industry.

Movies on Demand (MOD) is supported by a national consortium of top movie studios and top cable systems around the country working together to promote MOD on Cable as the simplest and best way to rent the newest and hottest Hollywood movies available instantly just by pushing the button on a cable remote. MOD delivers many movies in the earliest post-theatrical windows (often same day as DVD or earlier and often weeks before Netflix and Redbox), on digital cable in SD, HD, and 3D when available, with full DVD functionality, no DVDs to return or late-fee worries. Some titles, especially Indies, come to cable before or the same day as their theatrical release. 

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